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Press Release

Announcing Launch of 1-844-WHO-IS-IT

The company’s launch to elevate the Toll Free and Digital Coupon market
Buffalo Wyoming, 3-20-2016:  1-844-WHO-IT-IS announces the launch of their new business venture into the Business-to-Business market with Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers along with their exclusive “Digipon’s” or digital coupons and other business specific services such as Merchant Processing, Web & Graphic Design, Social Marketing & More!

The main business arm for the startup is Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers for customers (ever hear of 1-800-Flowers anyone?) coupled with the business services that compliment a Toll Free service.  One of the most groundbreaking business platforms the organization offers is the ability to create and engage in digital coupons or “Digipon’s” that will be able to be sent directly to customers in SMS Text format, thus eliminating the need for expensive Short Codes and providing a higher rate of customer engagement due to the easy to remember number.  This service allows customers an efficient direct marketing program that is more cost effective and offers a streamlined link of communication directly to its customers.

The ability to provide customers with “Digipons” makes 1-844-WHO-IT-IS a pioneer in the World of SMS Text marketing. Their advantage enables their customers to utilize a new technology that can provide brand awareness in a new innovative marketing communication. As companies seek to differentiate, 1-844-WHO-IT-IS developed this program to meet the needs of the consumer market that is increasingly using mobile devices to access all information and Businesses that want to manage its services in one easy location.

With this in mind, the possibilities for implementation of services by the business market will enable 1-844-WHO-IT-IS to create a niche market for their marketing services. In the Toll Free number arena 1-844-WHO-IS-IT has the largest selection of “Quality” Toll Free Vanity numbers for implementation. With this expansive inventory and the ability to use Toll Free numbers for texting purposes the company has an elite competitive advantage in the industry. While this is great for reaching consumers, customers of 1-844-WHO-IT-IS Toll Free texting can also experience more efficient call centers through the texting marketing technologies. With this feature clients of 1-844-WHO-IT-IS can offer expediency with saving time and resources.

Clients of 1-844-WHO-IT-IS can be best served through seeking the entire marketing offering. By implementing the entire offering 1-844-WHO-IT-IS the competitive advantage will be realized through each of the services offered. This innovative and improving marketing technology can only provide new methods to expand a brand’s reach and awareness.

About 1-844-WHO-IT-IS

1-844-WHO-IT-IS is a business to business marketing company concentrated in the area of Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers that allow their customers to implement marketing communications. These marketing communications create a connection with their clients through Toll Free Phone Numbers, digital coupons or “Digipon’s”, merchant processing services, SMS Toll Free SMS Texting, graphic design and social media marketing. 1-844-WHO-IT-IS commits to offering multiple marketing services to clients in one easy to manage location. For more information, Call or Text 1-844-WHO-IS-IT (1-844-946-4748) or visit to find out more. 

Contact: 1-844-WHO-IS-IT
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